Note: This is an ongoing post, which will be receiving updates as I gather materials (pictures, working designs, etc) to show off as much as possible.

Picture the following:

You have a fairly modern vehicle, and while it may or may not have anything fancy, it has everything you need to get you by everyday. But, lets say, you want to add a few things to your vehicle without breaking out the credit card or simply prefer to do it yourself while saving a few dollars.

You install an alarm w/ or w/o remote start and find that simple enough to work with and decide to add a few more convenience installs to your trusty vehicle. So you decide to make a few enhancements here and there but you want to keep your vehicle looking stock (no modifications to your dash that leave a part exposed and different from how your vehicle looks to any other from the same brand and model).

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All you can eat: Anime

Let me get started with this: If this is illegal where you live, I do not recommend you to follow the steps described below. I will not be the one to judge others.

Why would you do this? Simple – Not every distinctive Anime shown in Japan makes it out of Japan. At least not without the wait or the time it takes to license and dub a show. Reminder: Support the studios that bring you Anime!

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Intro and other things

It’s up and running!

After days of researching, tinkering and trying out so many different configurations just to get a place on the web, I finally have this running how I like it.

I own a Synology DS1513+ which has all my media and very important data that I access over my home network and internet. Very handy product.

If you ask me thought, I will tell you right away that if you are only using it for file sharing or backups. You are doing it wrong!

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