Every so often, I find myself working on something not related to this website or my Synology. More than often, I find myself deep into an electronics book or a micro-powered project.

While I have been tinkering away with my car ever since I had it, it is not until recently that I have gotten so into electronics – and with that, a new hobby.

Want to learn more about said projects? Check out the links underneath this project page on the navigation section to the left of this page. If you see any links under this page, then that is a project.

Want to learn how to add heated seats to your vehicle (without spending over $200+) while keeping a stock look (if your vehicle comes with a heated seats option – just not currently installed). I took it upon myself doing just this.

Can you believe just the seat was $3000! Mind you it is a powered seat, but that is too much. I will be providing more details in a future post. Look forward to it.